The mission of HH6 is to connect caregivers of US Veterans with the essential resources needed to strengthen the family support foundation. Our goal is to build resilient households by focusing on the wellbeing of the family, helping to alleviate household tension, and empowering caregivers and children.

How We Help

Caring for a wounded Veteran is a full time job. Here at HH6 we know firsthand about the struggles caregivers face on a daily basis. Where do you turn to for help? What organizations can assist your family during a crisis? We understand even a phone call for assistance can be overwhelming with all the information that you are asked to repeat. When you are learning to navigate the VA system or a medical evaluation board, it becomes mentally and physically exhausting. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. From injury to transition we will guide you through the process of making the most of the adventures that lie ahead for your family in your time of need. Our Caregiver Case Managers consist of experienced caregivers and family advocates that can provide reputable resources and assist you through hardships. We have conquered medical evaluation boards, VA claims, transition, public assistance, nonprofit assistance, domestic violence and caring for our own wounded veterans. Although Caregiver life can feel lonely, you are not alone!

Give Today

Healing Household 6 is a non-profit organization and relies on donations.